Is a Studio Newborn Session Right for Your First Baby?
studio newborn session - Kelly Adrienne Pittsburgh Newborn Photography

When considering booking a newborn photographer for your first baby, one of the things you will have to decide is whether you want an in home newborn session or a studio newborn session. For years, we did only in-home newborn sessions. Now that we have our own studio, we feel that there is no better choice than a studio newborn session. Here are a few reasons why clients love them!

Our newborn studio has everything you need

We’ve been photographing newborns for 10 years, and we’ve collected quite a few props, styling items, and accessories. All you need to do is bring your new little one! As photographers, light is EVERYTHING when creating beautiful photos. When we did in-home newborn photo sessions, the sizes of the rooms, locations of the windows, and the weather would all lead to inconsistent light for photos. Our professional lighting equipment gives us the same beautiful results, every time. This means gorgeously lit photos for you! We also have the basics like diapers, wipes, and pacifiers in case you need them.

studio newborn session - Kelly Adrienne Pittsburgh Newborn Photography

With studio newborn sessions, you don't have to clean your house

Let’s face it, nothing is easy with a newborn. The last thing you need to worry about is hosting us in your house and cleaning even one room to use as our picture space. A studio newborn session gives you a place to arrive with your baby, knowing everything is set up for your newborn photos. We know it can be hard to leave the house with a brand new little one, but we promise you will find it much less stressful than cleaning and hosting! And most of our clients feel like it’s a great break away from the house. 

studio newborn session - Kelly Adrienne Pittsburgh Photographers

We aim to serve YOU as a new parent!

Our studio newborn sessions are set up to create beautiful photos, but we also designed it with you in mind. The studio has a space where you can make some coffee, have a snack, relax, or even close your eyes for a few moments. We love  welcoming new parents into our space and giving them a relaxing break!

Deciding the type of session for your newborn photos for your first baby can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Consider the style of photos you see on our website, and if you love the feel of them, a studio newborn session is the way to go. Want more information on our wrapped studio sessions? Click here. Not your first baby? Check out our post on including siblings in your studio experience. Ready to book? Awesome! Click here to email us.

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