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What are they?

A sitter session is just what it sounds like, a photo session for a baby who can confidently sit unsupported. This is typically around 6 months of age, but may be slightly sooner or later. We recommend that your baby is comfortable sitting up without being in danger of toppling over but that he/she is not yet crawling.

Why do a sitter session?

Your baby does an incredible amount of developing during the first six months of life. The changes from the newborn stage to this point are just incredible, and not to be missed! At this point your baby’s face and expressions are totally different from those early newborn days. Soon this stage too will change as they become more mobile and move close to becoming a toddler. We love documenting this six-month mark because typically babies will provide lots of facial expressions that are unique to this age, and often they will smile easily.

What should I expect?

We work quickly at our sitter sessions! Babies attention spans are very short and they get tired quickly, so we will have everything set up before you arrive so that we can move efficiently through through a variety of setups/outfits as fast as we can. Sessions usually last 30-60 minutes depending on if your baby needs to be changed/fed, or just needs a little break to snuggle with a caregiver.

What should I bring?

We have a variety of simple, classic backdrops and props to use during your session as well as many outfits/headbands. We typically pre-select what we think will work best, but we also welcome your input if you have favorite colors or looks that you are hoping for in your sitter session. You are also welcome to bring an outfit or special prop that you would like to see included, but no worries if you don’t have anything in mind, we have you covered!

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