Including Siblings in a Newborn Photoshoot

two sisters in matching dresses looking down at a newborn baby on their laps

Just the thought of getting out of the house and making it to a photoshoot with a newborn can be stressful enough but add in the wrangling of a child and/or a toddler, and the whole thing may start to seem impossible. We are here to reassure you that it is not only possible, but we think it is totally worth the effort! Don’t worry though! We have a few pointers to make the sibling portion of the session go as smoothly as possible. Including siblings in your newborn photoshoot should result in timeless images that you can cherish for generations.

1. Don’t have kids stay for the entire session

We recommend having a parent, grandparent, etc. drive separately so that the sibling(s) can arrive late or leave early. In this way the child(ren) can be present for the photos they need to be a part of, then they can make their escape! A
newborn session typically lasts anywhere from 2-3 hours. That length of time can be torturous for a child to sit though, even with alllll the snacks!

2. Have kids wear something comfortable and neutral

parents, two girls, and a newborn baby smiling in front of a white background
two girls in matching dresses kissing their newborn baby brother showing how to include siblings in a newborn photoshoot

When selecting outfits for siblings, we usually suggest neutrals, avoiding anything with a strong graphic/label and nothing itchy or too tight/scratchy. If the child is uncomfortable, it often shows in the photos. We always recommend choosing something that is easy, classic, and timeless.

3. Try not to stress

We know, we know, easier said than done, but with 6 kids between us, we promise we won’t be surprised by anything your child does! Maybe your child(ren) will sit and smile like angels, but probably not. Sometimes these unposed photos end up being our favorites because they are the natural, raw, real documentation of this stage in your lives.

We hope these tips have helped encourage you to include siblings in your newborn photoshoot! To see more images from this sweet family’s session, click here.

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