Best Newborn Photography Poses

three newborn babies sleeping while posed on blankets showing some of the best newborn photography poses

This is such a fun topic to discuss! When it comes to narrowing down the best newborn photography poses, it’s difficult to pick just one. Today we’re breaking it down to a handful of our go-to positions. It’s also worth noting that not all poses work for all babies. Depending on the size and age of the newborn, and whether they have sensitive stomachs that prevent them from wanting to be curled up tightly, or any other issues that may arise, we try to take our cues from our babies, always making sure we prioritize their safety and comfort.


Its hard to compete with the cuteness level of this pose! Its one of our favorites for sure, but also probably the most challenging pose to photograph. For safety reasons, this pose is ALWAYS a composite. Meaning, we take two photos and combine them later in Photoshop so that the baby is never actually holding up their own head, but always being supported either at the wrists or at the top of the head. 

Newborn baby with head in hands on a cream background
Newborn baby with head in hands on a dark gray background
Side view of newborn baby with head in hands on a light gray background

Bottom Up

We love seeing the whole side profile of newborns in this position, and the sweet side rolls are just the best! The little toes peeking out are also the perfect way to capture the tininess of newborns at this age.

newborn baby girl sleeping on a light pick blanket with a flower headband
smiling newborn on a teal blanket

Tucked In

This one is a favorite because we love how snuggled up our babies look in this pose! Its hard not to get jealous of this one – it’s the comfort level we all are wishing for, right!? 

newborn baby sleeping while tucked into a brown blanket
newborn baby girl sleeping while tucked into a purple blanket
newborn baby sleeping while tucked into a dark gray blanket

We are so grateful to be able to do what we do each day, snuggling with all of these little ones. Every day in our studio is a little bit different and so the images that we consider the best newborn photography poses are always changing. Be sure to check back for updates!

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