Planning Your Wedding

If you have some questions for us, check here first! We’ve compiled a list of our blog posts that answer many questions!

Who are Kelly and Adrienne, and what is their photography style?
Click here to find out more about us!

What is the benefit of having two photographers? 
Click here to find out why we think it’s so important to have two photographers cover your day!

How do I know if you’re the right photographers for me?

Click here for a list of questions for your photographer, plus our answers!

Pittsburgh-Engagement-Session-Locations-North-Park-Spotlight_0162.jpgWhat should we wear for our engagement session?
Click here for our post on outfits for your engagement session!

Where should we go for our engagement session?

Here are some posts highlighting some of our favorite spots!
North Shore
North Park
Strip District
Mellon Park
Hartwood Acres


Best-of-2015-Portraits_0118.jpgWhat can I expect from Kelly and Adrienne on our wedding day?
Click here to read about how we work from beginning to end on your day!

Brandon-Megan-Lancaster-Liederkranz-Wedding_0148.jpgHow are the images delivered?
Here is a post on how our online image delivery works!

What are your wedding albums like?
When you meet with us, we bring examples of our albums to share with you, but here is a quick writeup about them in the meantime!

What if it rains on my wedding day?
Click here to see our post on rainy wedding days, along with some beautiful pictures that might ease your worries!

How do I plan my wedding timeline?
Click here for our post with lots of timeline tips!

How do I make the most of my getting ready photos? 
Click here for 3 of our tips for getting ready!