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View More: http://gabriellehalle.pass.us/pursuitpittsburghHello! We are Kelly and Adrienne, Pittsburgh wedding photographers. Adrienne (on the left) grew up in Jamestown, New York, and Kelly is from Lancaster, PA. We both came to the Pittsburgh area for college, where Adrienne attended Grove City and Kelly attended Pitt and Slippery Rock. During our college years, the guys we were dating were best friends and after a while, our own friendship formed. Those guys are now our husbands, and we have gone through life together since! Kelly has two children, and Adrienne has three. Our kids are the same ages, and they’ve been best friends since the newborn days! When we are each asked about the reason we love photographing weddings, our answer is the same. During each of our engagements, we each searched for a team of photographers who would capture our day naturally and candidly, so our photos would reflect on the real emotions and story of our wedding day. We wanted photojournalistic wedding pictures, with some formal portraits mixed in. Neither of us felt like we found photographers who fulfilled this vision, so now it’s our mission to create those photos for our couples.

When we are photographing, our style is laid back and fun. We shoot weddings in a documentary style, capturing the day as it naturally unfolds. We are not into overly posed, stuffy portraits. We will step in and help pose family and couples’ portraits, but most of the day is spent photographing real interactions between people and capturing candid wedding photos. We want our couples to look back on their wedding photos and remember the real and beautiful moments of their day. If this sounds like your style, we would love to talk with you about photographing your wedding!

View More: http://gabriellehalle.pass.us/pursuitpittsburghView More: http://gabriellehalle.pass.us/pursuitpittsburghPhoto credit: Gabrielle Halle

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