Newborn Session Package Details

Curious what the difference is between our Wrapped Newborn Package and our Petite or Full Newborn Packages? We’re here to help! Read below to find out more about our newborn session package details.

Our Wrapped Newborn Package is our smallest package. It only lasts about an hour, and the baby’s entire body is wrapped up. Because there are no unwrapped poses done, the baby is stays in one position and we are able to get a few setups fairly quickly. We keep the baby wrapped in a neutral fabric and then change the outer wrap, leaving baby mostly undisturbed. We do about 3-4 setups in props like crates, furs, and baskets.

Here are some examples of wrapped poses:

In our Petite and Full Newborn Packages, we include a few of the above wrapped/prop poses, plus some unwrapped poses on a fabric backdrop, and sometimes in a bucket where the baby’s arms are out. This allows for a lot of variety and color in the gallery, and we can get some really adorable poses. Because the baby is not totally wrapped, these sessions take a little longer to get baby completely asleep and able to be posed without waking. Here are some examples of unwrapped poses that are included in the Petite and Full Newborn Packages:

When you choose the Full Newborn Package, you get wrapped/prop setups, unwrapped pose setups, and shots with parents and siblings (if there are any). We have a light and airy white studio setup for these types of images, plus a few colored backdrops to use for a more dramatic look. Here are a few examples of family setups from a newborn session:

Hopefully these newborn session package details helped you decide which session best fits your needs! If you have any other questions, drop us an email and ask!

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